ALBA Consult Ltd.
e have the pleasure to offer you the following services
  • Registration of all types of companies in court, Registry Agency, tax administration, National Social Security Institute, further national authorities when required by the law, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and miscellaneous institutions;
  • Current legal service, which is in assistance of your business activity and protection of your interests;
  • Latest information about:
    • Changes in legislation, concerning you business activity
    • Announced auctions and contests for privatization and procedures in awarding of Public Procurement contracts;
    • Fairs, specialized exhibitions and other activities.
  • Organizing your participation in conferences, seminars and meetings with potential business partners;
  • Assistance in your search in Bulgaria for:
    • Offices, manufacturing, warehouse, trade and other areas;
    • Business partners
    • Employees
  • Other services required for the development of your business activities.
Our clients have used our services mainly in the following spheres:
Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Formation, transformation, termination and liquidation of companies;
  • Registration of foreign branches, trade representations and daughter-companies ;
  • Contracts with companies ;
  • Consultations about optimizing the companies' structure and organization;
  • Preparation of various contracts required for the conclusion of transactions;
  • Participation of our representative in negotiations for concluding transactions.
Tax Law and Tax Planing
  • Active Bulgarian tax legislation and changes concerning it;
  • Types of taxes and fees;
  • Corporate taxation;
  • Taxation of individuals;
  • Avoidance of double taxation;
  • Tax registration;
  • Appeals against decisions of tax authorities;
  • Participation of our representative in consultations with accountants and auditors.
Labour and Social Security Law
  • Concluding, modifying and terminating employment contracts;
  • Documents meeting the health and safety regulations at work places ;
  • Measurements for preventing the competitive activity;
  • Work permits and visas for foreigners;
  • Social and health insurance – types of insurances, rate of insurance, terms, rights and obligations of the insurer and the insured.
Finance Law
  • Currency legislation;
  • Customs legislation;
  • Registration in the relevant institutions;
  • Licenses for activities determined by law;
  • Appeals against decisions of the financial administration.
Property Law
  • Real estate deals;
  • Documentation of mortgages;
  • Ownership acquisition by foreigners;
  • Investments in real estate;
  • Documents needed for conclusion of transactions: preliminary contracts; drafts of notarial deeds, declarations, power of attorney, notary invitations.
Copyright and Patent Law
  • Trade mark registration in Bulgaria ;
  • Deals targeting industrial property ownership ;
  • Defense of violated rights concerning industrial property.
Insurance Law
  • Types of insurances ;
  • Concluding, modifying and terminating insurance contracts;
  • Insurance damages .
Foreign Investments

In order to ease the decision of investors in Bulgaria we could be of help to you by offering the following services:

  • Information about economical conditions and the active legislation;
  • Analysis of the investments possibilities and the particular business plan;
  • Marketing researches in the sphere of your interest;
  • Discussion of the atvantages and disadvantages of different types of companies determined by the bulgarian laws. Registration of bulgarian company inculding joint ventures.
  • Gather teams of specialists in various spheres for preparing required documents, conducting negotiations and concluding transactions ;
  • Preparing a contract ensuring the highest possible protection of your interests;
  • Further services required by you concerning the achievement the investment project.